About Us

Sentinel Closing Services, LLC (SCS) is charged with the coordination of a variety of activities necessary for completing the sale of a house or other type of real-esate property. It is the job of SCS to ensure that all documents and records are completed properly. We also make sure that all related funds are properly disbursed. Essentially, SCS acts as a custodian, a service that can only be performed by a neutral party.

We don't work for the buyer, seller, real-estate agent, or lender. Instead, Sentinel Closing Services handles paperwork and activities required for each party to a real-estate sale/purchase. For example, a closing agent request copies of such documents as the sale contract and termite inspection from the involved real-esate agent. Dependong on the unique details of the laon/sale, we may also request attorney information and home-warranty documentation.

Pre-Closing Tasks Examples:

Closing Tasks Examples:

Oour closing team includes propfessionals with over 25 years of experience combined. It is our goal to work in a professional , timely manner to insure the the happiness of all parties involved with the closing. It would be our honor to assist you with your next closing.